Xaela clans

xaelaI would just like to take a moment to mention that the Xaela faction of the new, dragonesque Au Ra race in Final Fantasy XIV are based around 15th century Mongolians, and as such Square-Enix decided this meant they were a bunch of piss drinkers, shit collectors, lesbian separatists, chess nerds, nudist colonies, drunk vegans, Cthulhu worshippers and bestiality cults.

In other words, possibly the best fantasy incarnation of medieval Mongolia, ever.

Also these guys:

Ugund – When members of this tribe die, their heads are removed from their bodies and placed in a jar of fermented goat milk. Once the liquid has been drunk by the head (in other words, evaporated), the head is then buried under an anthill so that the tiny workers can carry the spirit to the afterlife. The journey is thought to be a terrible one, the road filled with ghosts of the damned, so ensuring the spirit is drunk helps ease the journey.

Your move, Ant-Man.

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