Introducing: The Hazelnutnut


Academics love coffee, right? So it’s totally okay to make a hot drink post on a blog about Sanskrit translations, okay? Okay. Now, on to the good stuff.

I’m not actually much of a coffee drinker and so I have never had the good fortune of sampling a pumpkin spice latte. I do, however, like tea and milky hot drinks filled with interesting flavour and spices. So for those of us who are caffeine-sensitive and want to snuggle down with something hot and Autumny after a long day at the desk, I made some experiments and came out with the Hazelnutnut.

Warning: Not suitable for people allergic to nutnuts.

this one

For this monstrosity delicious drink I used hazelnut milk (Holland and Barrett), hazelnut flavour syrup (I looked everywhere, but gave up and settled for Starbucks) and some roasted hazelnuts (H&B again).

Measure out the hazelnut milk in your cup and gently simmer it on the hob. Add half a capful of the hazelnut syrup or more to taste, and serve with some roasted hazelnuts bobbing on top. You probably don’t need any extra sweetener, as the milk is already sweetened with agave nectar. I topped it of with a sprinkling of nutmeg, because I like sticking to a theme.

I am a big fan of bubble tea,where tapioca pearls float at the bottom of a sweet tea drink. When I saw that the roasted hazelnuts of my Graze Breakfast Box floated on the surface I thought this would be great in a drink. And it works! They are the perfect crunchy addition. Like tiny nut croutons. The only thing that I would change about the initial recipe would be to add a creamer or some cow’s milk, as the hazelnut milk, although delicious, does not create the same creamy look as using standard milk.

For academics confused that this drink seems to contain no caffeine and worried it’s mighty intellectual effects will not be present, fear not. You can also add some coffee granules or a tea of your choice to bring back that much-needed caffeine. I even added some chocolate Ovaltine in one, and it turned out amazing. Never forget, that the salmon of knowledge originally got it’s amazing wisdom from eating hazelnuts that fell into the lake – maybe it’s better than caffeine for heavy-duty thinking sessions?

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