夢十夜 Ten Nights of Dreams 1:1


Translation after the break.

I had a dream like this.

I sat with my arms crossed by the bedside, a woman lay face up beside me and with her gentle voice she said “I will die soon.”

The woman’s long hair was spread on the pillow, the outline of her soft oval face framed within it. The depths of her snow white cheeks were healthily tinged with the colour of warm blood, and the colour of her lips was undeniably red. Certainly, she did not look near death at all.

However, the woman clearly said in her gentle voice, “I will die soon.”

I too felt certain that she would die. So, I tried to ask her “Can it really be? Will you really die soon?” as I bent forward to gaze down at her.

“I will indeed die.” She said, with her eyes opening wide.

Her eyes were big and moist, and wrapped inside her long eyelashes their entire surface was jet black. In the depths of those deep black pupils my own reflection was clearly floating.

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