3 thoughts on “A new way to mark page numbers

  1. Hi Amy, I see you have ‘follow’ on my blArts? I am looking at your blogs yet i seem to find little to find? Do I take it you are just setting out, or am I looking in the wrong place? I like your range of interests. let me know where I can find more of your writings etc, please. And, how did you discover my blog, if you can let me know, as I am getting visits from all over the world but I have no idea what brings them in. Namaste.
    Pete Kennedy

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    • Hi Pete, I found your blog when I searched WordPress for keywords and tags I might be interested in, I forget which ones I searched for now, but I was impressed by your photos. I have just created my blog this week and thus this is my first post, I’m aiming to create content once a week despite a busy schedule.

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      • Thanks for the info Amy, I suspected that was how folk are finding me. I wish you well with your blogs. I find the process very satisfying. By it i can get my work and ideas out to a growing international participatory ‘audience’. People do seem to like images rather than words. I do lots of both. Namaste

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